Hide certain customers from Work Period Report

How would I go about customizing the Work Period Report to omit certain customer accounts from the Payments/Payments Details sections?

I’ve set up Samba at a location and they have a few managers that eat for free i.e. their meals are charged to their account and then just zeroed out at the end of the month.
What they are asking is not to show these managers accounts on the Work Period Report. Other customer accounts can be shown just not managers.

Have I gone about it the right way by having the managers meals charged to a customer account? Is there a better way to do this? If not, then how would I go about showing all payment types but exclude a few customer accounts?

If you’ll never receive payments for manager meals setting up a separate gift type for manager tickets might be a better idea.

Would gifts still show up on the Work Period Report?

Yes they should appear in Work period report so it will be a proper report. I mean when 10 pizza sold for $200 work period report should show matching $200 total payment / discount / gift amounts so you’ll be able to know staff settled tickets properly. Think it something like:

Sold      $200
Cash               $100
Discount            $50
Gift                $10
Manager             $40

Removing manager line from report will confuse people. For example while trying to find the reason of missing $20 cash.