Hide Settle button by status?

Is it possible to hide the Settle button by the status of the ticket. So below image, if status is quote hide the settle button.

yes, go to the automation command for your settle button, click on mappings and type under the “enabled states” and “visible states” the states where you want the button to show and be active


if i want set button void and gift from ticket status how can i do?
if status locked can not use void and gift

You cannot do negitive mapping, only positive so you either need to work out status which works or create a custom state and update accordingly.
Locked is not a ticket state so you would need to create a new status say ‘locked’ and add action to the lock rule which sets that to say True, mapping would then be Locked= (blank) however void and gift are both order level buttons so this may not work and will likely cause conficts with existing mapping.
Your best bet would be to set rule constraints on the void and gift rules where you can use negative/exclude type expressions.
The button would still be pressable but nothing would happen.
If you used action constraints instead within that rule you could add a message/ask question prompt with aposing constraint to show reason why it’s not possible - ie ticket locked.

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You unlock the ticket and then do void or gift. You an create automation to unlock a ticket. Just create an automation command and use the action for unlocking a ticket.

i want xample . how can i do ?

I want a holiday, how can I do… :-p

Same as making ny other button, automation command, rule and action…