Hiding 0 dollar item printing on Invoice

Hi Guys,

Loving SambaPOS v4 and successfully deployed in a five terminal restaurant with split capabilities for upper and lower floors.

We have been using Order Tags for the addition of items like Soy Milk (or Ice-cream) and also Skim Milk. Soy Milk is charged at $0.50 and Skim is a free alteration.

When the customer receives their bill they see 0.50 listed for Soy Milk and they see 0.00 listed for Skim Milk.

Is there a simple way to hide the 0.00 item pricing in a similar fashion as to php has an if statement?

Thanks in advance

Wrap order tag price with square bucket

Hey sukasem thanks very much

I currently have
[=F(TN(’{ORDER TAG PRICE}’)*TN(’{QUANTITY}’),’#,##0.00’)]

Ideally If I can have this not show for 0 value items and round to 2 decimal places for others - that would be great

Paste your template here do we can see, it shouldnt pront anything in square unless it has a value

You may need to just square bracket the order tag price bit and not the whole expression, we need to see the whole tickrt s

-- General layout
<L00>Trans#:    {TICKET NO}    Serv: {USER NAME}
<L00>{TICKET DATE} {TIME}           # Cust:{TICKET TAG:Guest Count}
<L00> Quan Descript                           Cost
[<J10>Total Gift:|{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}]
<C00>All Prices Include GST


<R00>{TAX NAME}      ${TAX AMOUNT}   




-- Default format for orders

-- Format for gifted orders

-- Nothing will print for void lines

-- Format for order tags
<J00>      {ORDER TAG NAME} |  [=F(TN('{ORDER TAG PRICE}')*TN('{QUANTITY}'),'#,##0.00')]  

[ORDER TAGS:Number of Glasses]
-- Leave empty to hide Number of Glasses Modifier
-- Leave empty to hide Seat Position Modifier
[ORDER TAGS:Drinks With]
-- Leave empty to hide Drinks Add (No Cost) Modifier
<J00>      {ORDER TAG NAME} |  [=F(TN('{ORDER TAG PRICE}')*TN('{QUANTITY}'),'#,##0.00')]  
[ORDER TAGS:Food With]
-- Leave empty to hide Add (No Cost) Modifier
<J00>      {ORDER TAG NAME} |  [=F(TN('{ORDER TAG PRICE}')*TN('{QUANTITY}'),'#,##0.00')]  
[ORDER TAGS:Food W/out]
-- Leave empty to hide Food Without Modifier
[ORDER TAGS:Drinks W/out]
-- Leave empty to hide Drinks Without Modifier
[ORDER TAGS:Steak Temperature]
-- Leave empty to hide Steak Temperature Modifier
[ORDER TAGS:Commands]
-- Leave empty to hide Modifier ie. Waiter to Explain
-- Table entity format
<C11>Table #{ENTITY NAME}

-- Customer entity format
<J00>Customer: {ENTITY NAME} | {ENTITY DATA:Phone}

Except he set a format expression so he should wrap that entire line like this

[<J00> {ORDER TAG NAME} | [=F(TN('{ORDER TAG PRICE}')*TN('{QUANTITY}'),'#,##0.00')]]

Edit ugh can’t get the code format to work on my phone. Can someone edit and format that line so it shows code

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That feature is V5 only. You cannot specify which portion of the line is to be checked in V4.

I will be surprised if that works. It has no idea if it is supposed to check the Quantity or the Price. Plus, the format function might override it as well. If it does work, great, I stand corrected.

I did not respond to this question because I do not think this can be done in the way you want using V4, but it would be easy to do in V5 due to more advanced expression support.


You guys are both awesome!

The square brackets around the whole statement did work in v4 and managed to hide that whole line


And so I stand corrected. :wink: Excellent news. I guess it does know to check the Price rather than Quantity.

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