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For past six months I have been using sambapos and recording all the sales transactions. I have been using a paper ledger book for recording all the expenses and inventory items. These are not recorded into sambapos. Now I want to enter all the purchases made in the past six months into sambapos. When I tried Adding a new transaction document, it does not let me change the date. Should I enter all the transaction using current date, or is there a way I can enter old transactions to their respective dates. This will help me analyze costs for past six months.


It is not designed to do past dated transactions. You should pick a start date and just archive your previous stuff. This means you will have to wait an additional 6 months to get your data but you will have more accurate data.


Selecting date is a required feature in accounting. There are several reasons for that.
e.g. if my accountant is coming once a week for say 6 hours and has to enter all the purchases, he should be able to select date for every purchase transaction.
Similarly if my supplier sends me a monthly summary, where I find some discrepancy, and needs to rectify my records. (which can be modifying as well as adding new transactions).
Skipping an invoice is a very general thing and should have provision for that.
There may be more use cases for this.
The only thing required for this is to be able to select date while entering a transaction. If there are security concerns, this can be limited with administrator user rights.

There is always scope for errors, and archiving data and waiting for another six months is not always the best solution. :wink:
Possibility of rectification should be there.
Many users would probably be finding errors when they print their reports, which might need correction. (insert, delete, modify etc.)
There can be kept an audit trail for all such changes made.
Otherwise those reports will contain errors forever.:hushed:

What you are describing is something different. Of course you can look at past data, and we have methods for correcting inventory, transactions, and tickets. But entering it retroactively is not something most POS companies will support. Typically you need to find a starting point and go from there.

Entering transactions and setting the date for the past is completely doable using Automation, with the Create Account Transaction Document action, because it has a Date parameter that you can set when you fire the Action.

I use it for Inventory Purchases, Expense Payments, and Employee Payroll.

Using default Document buttons, this is not possible.

Editing Transactions is also not easily done without scripting and SQL, other than to use the Manage > Accounts > Transactions section, which is lacking in detail to say the least. However, editing Transactions is not something you should be doing very often, if ever.

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Thanks QMcKay (I can’t pronounce properly) :wink:
This should serve the purpose.