Hold bills after fire to print out

We have three printer:
Kitchen Printer print Appetizer, Pasta, Risotto,Soup and Main Course
Service Counter Printer print Appetizer, Salad and Dessert
POS Printer print Beverage, Coffee/Tea and bills for customers
Now the situation like this,when customer orders,we want first print out unhold product,for example if the customer say"my wife will come after 30 minutes,so can you cook the Main Course late"?
So during this,we want before press the “close” button in order page,we can change the main course in HOLD status, and after press just print out unhold products,after the customer’s wife coming,we can open the table order,and unhold the main course,in this time,when I press “close” button,just print out main course(the main just print this time unhold product,will not print previous unhold product).
And finally payment and print bill as usual.

I’m not sure if you want to hold specific item or hold the whole course.

Basic idea how to hold item is to change Order State:Status from New to Hold and change it back to New when you want to send and it will automatically print when you close ticket.

Why not take the order on Table 1 for the husband. When wife arrives, open table 1, click add ticket, take the wife’s order and that will then print out separately.

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