Hopefully a Quckie Question - Re: Ticket Lister Filter

Hi Sorry for another question…
I would like to add a filter to a Ticket Lister Widget to only display tickets from one particular Entity please advise what the syntax is that I need to enter.

I have a Table Entity called ‘Takeaway’ and want to list all tickets for that entity

Thanks as always


Use Department Id under filter. If your takeaway department is configured to ‘2’ (second department) then it should be set to DepartmentId is 2.

On below example I have set to ‘DepartmentId is 1’ (1 is my Restaurant Department), all the tickets for the restaurant department will be displayed.

Additional information:

@morshed1 thank you for your reply. I have tried this and no tickets are being displayed. I have attached screen shots below.

1st one shows an entity screen that is displaying all open ‘preparing’ tickets
2nd one shows the same entity screen with ‘DepartmentID is Takeaway’ in the filter field
3rd showing settings

Many Thanks


Your filter expression is incorrect it should be 'DepartmentID is 1 or 2 and NOT 'DepartmentID is Takeway

In below Example Department 1 is the Restaurant and 2 is the Takeaway

Ps: Can you also check the mapping settings is configured correctly for the specific department.

Brilliant @morshed1 - I’m still learning :slight_smile: but that has worked - thank you so much. One last quick question is it possible to filter by 2 departments and if so what would the expression be ?

Thank you so much for your help


@windinghouse, can you expand bit more on “One last quick question is it possible to filter by 2 departments”

I would like to display tickets for department 1 and department 2 in the same ticket lister widget is this possible and if so what would the expression be.


yes, its simple. Under the mappings for the Entity Screen set it to * under Department and ticket type

Leave the Filter blank…

I will add one more complexity to this…
The field ORDER FILTER is ment to filter each line of orders? for example, could we add an expressionto filter all order that should go to the kitchen and not display the ones that should go to the bar?



I have 3 departments and wish to display 1 department in 1 ticket lister and the other 2 departments in another lister. I can filter by using DepartmentId is 1 in the first ticket lister - but what would I need to type in the Filter field to show 2 departments?



Try DepartmentId != 1 in other widget. != means not equals.

thanks @emre is there a document or somewhere for me to find all the expressions, syntaxes etc? to save me keep asking silly questions :slight_smile: I’m sure that you are a very busy man and can do without answering simple questions!

Thanks as ever for a brilliant system and great support!


@windinghouse this is not a silly question. That feature works more like a programming language and I wouldn’t think we can use != operator somewhere until someone asks a related question. Honestly I even don’t know all SambaPOS possibilities. Questions reveals them. So please keep asking :slight_smile:

That Worked! thanks @emre is it possible to add a filter to filter a product group? if so how ?

Thanks again

Not tested it but you can try '{GROUP CODE}' is 'Beverages' or '{GROUP CODE}' == 'Beverages' on Order Filter. You should type single quotes. Please let me know your result.

Perfect! both work :slight_smile: I now have 2 kitchen screens 1 with drinks and 1 with food :smile - the next thing I need to get working is that - we create a ticket for drinks and then add a ticket for food (on the same order) once the customer has requested the bill we ‘merge’ the tickets. However when I ‘Merge’ tickets the Kitchen status changes back to preparing. This then does not close the ticket once payment has been made.
I’m sure that this should be quite simple and for us is a great solution for being able to process drinks and food on the same order. Any help with the Merging would be great.

Thanks @emre for all of your help

I’m not able to test that atm but I think you can solve it by handling Tickets Merged rule.

I’ve tried changing the merge ticket rule in several ways - but nothing changes - no matter what I change or even if I delete the rule I get the following after I merge 2 tickets

each ticket shows like the following before I merge.

Can you PM me a zip file that contains backup of your database?

Hello @windinghouse

When you configure Tickets Merged actions like this :

That means Update Ticket Status to Delivered if Current Ticket Status is Delivered. You should use it like Change status to X if current status is Y. When both statuses are same obviously it doesn’t work.

To fix that either leave Current Status empty to always change merged ticket’s status to Delivered or configure Current Status properly.

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