Hotel PMS Integration

Haha true! Didn’t want to come off like a di*k :slight_smile:

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Just so everyone is aware my flippant attempt at humour regarding SAMBAPMS was in no way meant to belittle the hard work and development that people have put into their products.

As someone who has a history of programming (on a small scale) I know how hard it is to get a fully functional system in place. Tongue was firmly planted in cheek when I posted that so please dont take it seriously.

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I didnt mean it like that, it was a pun at stoking up competition against yourself.
You would be suprised what some people have achived off there own back using the flexibility and power of samba.
Emre provides the resourses and the users create the end result, the kitchen displays and stuff like that is user built using the tools erme gives us, its not just what emre made and we are using.
Its hard to understand untill you try but the samba allows you to litterally built your own system without any real programing.


Funny to read this thread 1 year later, how you getting on Dave?

Hi Evan

Good to hear from you. As usual day to day stuff keeps getting in the way of development of our system. I am constantly tweaking our SambaPos system to catch processes that happen real life that I have not considered, especially with Guest management processes.

I still feel some merit in developing the POS as a mini PMS mostly because my staff cannot cope with any levels of data input or PC based decision making. I find myself designing automation and screens to simplify to a painful level. Then adding lots of automation to double check everything before checking a guest out. The main advantage is being able to tailor the input screen to my staff capabilities.

I am still undecided about the merit of changing over to a new PMS/Diary just to facilitate an API transfer of information. Been looking at Beds24 but not sure if my staff can live with the additional PC literacy requirements compared to FreetoBook (my current Diary/Channel Manager).

How is the business going for you?

Your right Beds24 is quite complex interface and Freetobook isnt that simple either in terms of calendar. Well I am happy to schedule a demo for you sometime if you like to see if it will be easy for them to use?

Were currently working on a housekeeping mobile application now so that is quite exciting, business is slow going as competative landscape but I think only a matter of time now!

Did you ever sort your API out Evan?
Haven’t heard from you in ages. If you can sort you API you would likely get some interest from samba users with accommodation.
I already have a PMS ingergration as we discussed so given an API to work with it shouldn’t be a big job to tweak that intergration to work with your API.

Thanks Evan

I think I will grab a free trial and have a play to see if it can work out for me. When I have a bunch of questions I will drop you a line for a specific demo to to address our requirements.

I am just getting back up to speed with this project as we got distracted away from it during the last 6 months. Its like starting again so bear with me.

As previously stated the important things for our business are as follows

  1. Simple API interface between POS and PMS. This consists of the POS getting basic booking details (maybe 12 variables) and the PMS being able to get Invoice addons from the POS at the point of guest Check Out (sometimes earlier).

  2. Channel management (currently bookingcom, Agoda and Expedia) . Will expand OTA list with right PMS

  3. Dual Currency Invoicing with a free format style.

Plus integration with Facebook, Wordpress (for my website) Tripadvisor etc

And of course low cost :wink: