Hotel room setup-?

lets assume its a small hotel bed and breakfast type with abar and restaurant

YOu can grab a pre configured database like this one Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Bar Menu or go to Pre-Build Databases category and download one of those that fit you best you will probably have to change table 1 table 2 with Room 1 Room 2 and you will have to add a product for the room price i suppose, the rest is preconfigured, you can play with one of those database to understand how SambaPos works also there are tons of tutorials on how to setup your sambapos from scratch just use the search function from this forum

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There is many factors relating to hotels with limited tutorials.
I’d reconmend starting with the hotel room entity topic from a while back if you intend to manage booking accounts on samba.
If the hotel is larger I would recommend a propper PMS with an API to intergrate with the PMS like I have done for our 32 bedroom hotel which again is fairly documented on the forum.

16 rooms and a restaurant

Borderline maybe, how do you curently manage your bookings? Do you have a PMS system?

No…It was a friend’s business, and he worked with pages.
So when i got in the first thing im trying to cahnge ,its the way they do booking.
I useing the pogrem as it comes. And its not very effective.

Where are you located, we use NewBook and so far been great, has channel manager and online booking and many features to save labor time, 16 rooms might not be the best value as geared towards larger places but we did use in the new property which is less rooms.
You will see my topic discussing the integration on the forum but if looking to take things seriously might be worth looking at but dont know what countries they cover.
Failing that there are plenty of options but less with integration options and many are funny about sharing API details.
Failing that look at the bookings entities topic I helped with a while back, while it will not manage the future bookings it will allow samba to manage inhouse booking accounts.

I have done one of these. The setup is simple for a small operation:


  • create Room Entities.

  • create Room Accounts for the Room Entities. You will then be able to charge Accommodation, Food and Bar Products to the Room Accounts.

  • create Accommodation Products, for example: 1 night, 3-night, 1-week, 2-week, etc with applicable prices.

  • create Customer Entities and Accounts if you have “regulars” that frequent the establishment that you want to apply special discounts to, or if you want to be able to charge Products to a Customer Account.

  • create Table Entities if you have Tables in the Restaurant.

  • create Bar and Restaurant Products as necessary.

  • optionally create different Departments and/or Ticket Types for Accommodation, Bar, and Restaurant

  • create Payment Types for Rooms and Customers

  • map the Entity Types to the Ticket Type(s)

Customer books a Room:

  • select the Room Entity.
  • select the Accommodation Product for the length of stay.
  • Settle the Accommodation Product to the Room Account.

Customer who is staying in a Room orders Food and/or Restaurant Products:

  • select the Products
  • select the Room Entity.
  • Settle the Food/Restaurant Products to the Room Account.

Customer Checks Out:

  • select the Room Account.
  • add an Account payment/credit by Cash and/or Credit Card to the Room Account to settle the Account Balance to zero.

The system ‘samba powered’ solution I did used booking entity and room entities in tandem to allow clean accounts for each booking but principle is similar to above.
However dont expect samba to do the future reservation side without some serious customization.


i have a small mochiler hostel in guatamala- and i have rooms white 3 or 4 bads ,
it possible to put several pepole in the same room but different bad?

ok i did room Entities ,room accounts and customer Entities i have from the pogrem defolt.
waht next?

Its not something your going to to get a step by step nursing on im afraid.
You might want to make bed entities rather than rooms if its a hostel type place.

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it possible to make the room popup and when i press it the bad of the room and the name of the gest in the bad is shown?

If your going to need overnight accounts you will need to use either preorder or accounts, accounts is the property of doing it and preorder is a ‘hack’ which I wouldnt recommend.
If using accounts you will need an entity/account per bed if payment/account is to be per bed/person which would be how bookings would work however with the way my booking entity worked you would still need an entity per bed to select the guest. Alternativly given your situation you could maybe opt to use customer/guest entity/account rather than booking if you prefer.
Have a read of this topic, there was many discussions about options.

When saying entity per bed I am guessing we are talking hostel type and a bed entity would not necerserally have to refer to a specific bead but it would be one per bed ie entities;
Room 1a
Room 1b
Room 1c
Room 1d
Room 2a
Room 2b
etc… to give you ‘slots’ to put people in.
If I did this I would make a custom entity screen and group entity buttons in to blocks of beds in a room grouping arrangement.


ya i seen it… but i didn’t understand it…
like how to make roomEntityGrid or Generic Update Pograme Setting- Update Global?
and what to put inside.

You should start with more basic tutorials to learn all of that. This setup is way too advanced for someone with your basic knowldge


please clarify how to map Entity type to ticket types

show us the screenshots so that we can learn how to replicate this.i have been trying this but i hit a snag

Manage > Tickets > Ticket Types > [Ticket] > Entity Type List

HI sir ?
I have tried for some time to implement this set-up but haven’t managed would you kindly illustrate using screen shots how you achieved this .What happens when they end the work period and still there is a customer in the room.

Thats where accounts come in if you follow the other topic you posted on it should cover this.
Accounts hold the debt untill payment, the charges are not left on an open ticket if using accounts which means work periods are handeled as normal, dont be tempted to use preorder - thats not what its meant for and makes reporting a nightmair.

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