Hourly Sales by Ticket Type

Is it possible to build a report showing the hourly sales of a certain ticket type.

If so how would I go around doing this.



OK I just realized that was you in the tutorial I just linked…

Thanks Kendash that’s the tutorial I got before but that pulls hourly sales for everything I just need a specific Departments Hourly sales.


So we need to change the SQL. I am looking at something with CUSTOM REPORT TAGS give me a moment I will get back to you.

Are you wanting Department or Ticket Type? You have asked both… its confusing me.

by department would suit my needs much better


How many departments do you have?

I only need the hourly sales for 1 department (I have 8 departments but I only need to report this way for one)

Ok so we need to determine what that departments Department ID is.

In my case the department is called POOL

Hey Kendash,

did you manage with this ?



Hey Guys,

Sorry I need to re-establish this old thread as I still haven’t solved my problem with it.

Basically I need to change the SQL to report these details against a certain department.

Or the even better solution would be to change this to report against a selection of menu groups if possible.

Once again thanks for all your help,