Hourly sales report

Hi everyone!

we are running a shop under a shopping mall and the mall management require us to give them a daily sales hourly report.

is there anyway in Sambapos V4 or V3 that we are able to generate hourly sales / transaction reports?

Thank you so much for your help. really need a advise on this… :slight_smile:

You could definatly do in v5, sure someone posted a sample report for similar.
Not sure if that report would work in v4 with the reports module addon - v5 saw many additional report expressions added and have never used v4 custom reporting myself.
v3 - no idea, this forum is for v4 and v5 - mostly v5 as even v4 has been superseeded.
There is av3 forum but very little activity on that.

Have a look here, should work in V4 or V5

thank you for the reply!

will anyone be able to do this for us? we will pay a token for your help.