How can I create a new database for sambapos in sql server 2014 installed recently

I just install sql server express 2014. and also installed sambapos. Now I am not sure how can i create a new database in SQL Server 2014 to connect with Samba POS. Can anybody show the flow this step by step?

Please help me.

In SambaPOS, go to Manage > Settings > Local Settings > Database. Click “Edit Connection” then enter your database credentials as you configured during setup of SQL Express 2014. If you followed the instructions in this forum, you would have setup SQL Express 2014 using mixed mode authentication, so the username would be sa. Enter a new (non existing) database name and SambaPOS will automatically create a new database for you using that name, and add the sample data.

Note you only need SQL Express 2014 if you intend to use SambaPOS on multiple terminals. For single terminal use, SQL LocalDB 2014 will work fine and is automatically downloaded and installed with the SambaPOS installer.

Thanks markjw,
It has done. Now the issue - how can I export and import the database?

Did you work this out?

There is a database section in the main settings