How can I create meals ? (like in Mc Donalds! lol)

Hi, I’m new to this so please don’t get mad if i ask a question that may pop up often (I tred searching for this in the forum befoe asking but i may have missed some topics…)
Anyways, here is my issue:

I would like to be able to manage Meals.

Just to explain myself:

I have an offer with a choice of meat, a choice of side, a choice of drink and a choice of desert called “Meal X”

When ordering, a person chooses “Meal X”
he is then asked which meat he desires
once he chooses the meat he is asked which side he wants
then finally which drink.

I would like to give a fixed price for all that and have it tracked in the invetory (if someone chooses rice and wine, I would like it to be deducted from the inventory)

A good solution to this is coming in v5. With v4 you can do this but your somewhat limited. Try looking at order tags and maybe some automation for adding orders.

PS. We don’t get mad we may advise from time to time in attempt to help people but we would never get mad at anyone for asking questions.

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There are multiple ways to accomplish what you are looking for, even in V4.