How can I get back up of the database of samba POS V3

I want to get Version v3 database back up. How can I get this

V3 resources/forum are at youll need to ask there, this is the V4 and V5 forum and most user here now havent used V3

V3 does not have those modules. The modules were introduced in v4. You would have to code them yourself and compile it into v3 source.

You can backup your DB manually on any version. How it is done depends on the type of database engine you run (CE, LocalDB, Express).

Compact Edition (CE) is an SDF file. Simply copy it anywhere you like.

SQL LocalDB and SQL Express are MDF/LDF files. Use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) or sqlcmd command-line tools to perform backup to .BAK file.

Use Google to find more information on managing different types of DBMS (Database Management System), to understand the correct way to backup/restore your particular DB.