How can I get the Default Customer Search to

How do I get the Default Customer Search Entity Screen to ask for a Ticket Type, when I select a Customer? Do I need to make a Custom Customer Search screen?

Go to Entities > Entity Screens, edit “Customer Search” Entity Screen, then check “Ask Ticket Type”.

Now when you Select Customer from the Customer Search Entity Screen, you will be able to select the Ticket Type you want to use:

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Thank you, but I want it to only display certain Ticket Types, not all of them. Is this possible with using Automation Commands, or do I need to create a custom Customer Search screen.

I don’t think it’s possible at all. I looked into this myself a while back as I also wanted to do the same.

Is there a change ticket type action?

No, there is not a Change Ticket Type Action.

Not strictly true, there are two actions where you can change the ticket type, so you might be able to use one of these to help your configuration:

  1. Change Ticket Properties Action

  2. Set Active Ticket Type


Thanks. I’ll try this.