How can i setup sambapos as the only app to use on pc

Hi, i have four terminals 2 have windows pro and 2 have windows home. i wanna set up samba under windows kiosk mode but the problem kiosk mode is only on windows pro…is there a way i can setup all my computers to run specifically sambapos so that my staff wont be able to go on the internet or use other apps…i tried to set up kiosk mode but sambapos wasnt in the list and i dont wanna upgrade the other 2 pc to windows pro. i just need an app that i can install on all apps and block other apps and only allow sambapos to be used…thank you in advance

If you are using windows 10 or windows 11 pro there is a way to provision it as a kiosk. You can google how to run an app as kiosk in windows. You can also use third party software like Windows 10 Kiosk Mode Software | Windows Kiosk Lockdown | 42Gears

Its really good powerful software but will have a monthly cost per device.

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