How can I use Samba POS as cloud based

I have a client who want to use Samba POS in a server PC. Only admin will handle this PC. He also use other three PC which will share the database from the server PC. These three PC will be controlled from three end whose are responsible for three counter. These three person will get limited access only for POS and ticket.

Another thing is that he don’t want to show table on the POS screen. He will just use the ticket to control the customer.

Now how can I set the Samba POS? And which version will be suitable to fulfill the requirements.


Sambapos does not support cloud but it does support sql server and multi terminal setups.

I am confused, because your subject asks about setting up as cloud based, however your question has nothing to do with cloud based setup!

So I am just going to ignore the mention of “cloud” and answer your question…

The server and all PCs are on the same network, they share the same database stored on the server. So you just need to setup SQL Server Express 2014 on the server PC then install SambaPOS on all the terminals

Here is a guide for setting up:

You will also need to configure Message server and Windows firewall on the server PC. The best steps on all the firewall settings is

Now, regarding which version is best - both V4 and V5 are pretty much the same regarding multi terminal configuration, however as far as functionality goes, V5 has many many more features available. I would recommend V5 for any new setups.


Did you try with Azure Sql Server ?

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I agree with @markjw - What you have described is a pretty standard Server + Client(s) set-up on a Local Area Network (LAN).

In a LAN set-up…

  • one computer will be called a “server” and will run Microsoft SQL Server (The Express version is free, and suitable for running a SambaPOS installation). For best results, you should also install and run the SambaPOS Message Server on the server computer.
  • other computers will be called “cleints” and these will run the SambaPOS software and connect to the server, where they will all use the same database at the same time. Note: When you install SambaPOS you can opt NOT to install the Local Database software (since you will be using SQL Express instead)
  • Optionally… The “server” might also have the SambaPOS software installed, so you can actively use this hardware to make sales - The fact that this hardware is actually the server for the other computers isn’t something that regular POS users will be aware of (these options can be locked away from non-admins).

I recently wrote a very top-line summary of some of the steps to consider when setting up Microsoft SQL Server Express on a LAN. You can read my comments here:

OK, Thanks for all. Now I want to know that the version 4 is enough to meet my demand or not.

You be better to upgrade to V5, V4 wont receive anymore updates or bug fixes and you can do so much more in V5

@VehbiEmiroglu that comes up a lot and my answer stays the same, you can probably get it to work but it won’t be a good experience.

I tested it. We use a 50mbit connection and it works great :slight_smile: If your want to test i will send you my teamviewer ID. And connect to my machine to see it.

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I’m sure if you have a stable connection it will work fine, however you cannot guarantee line speed and traffic at all times. Plus if connection goes down, the system will not function at all. This is the main concern. If you consider cloud POS on the market, usually they have offline option to handle this scenario, but because SambaPOS is not designed for use in cloud, it relies on a connection to the database and has no failback to handle offline functionality other than prompting you to retry.

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Oh, and that’s only in latest V5.1.61. In V4, if the connection drops it will just freeze.

Of course it’s the biggest problem (stable connection) But if you have, you can may be use this.
But all cloud base solutions have this bare.
Can you give me name of cloud based app which works cloud and offline with sync ?

there are many cloud app that support offline mode. You can search internet. But here is not the place to discuss other solutions.

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Real cloud based setups are not that simple. There are parts of them that don’t rely on a total communication over Internet.

For this system is there one license enough or four licenses would be required? Please inform me as soon as possible.

I am not sure to set up Samba POS in multiple PC using single database is one license enough or not. Anybody can ensure me about this.

One licence is enough for 1 server and n client. Also all of them works with same database.

One license supports unlimited terminals per venue. You only need additional license for additional venues.

Thanks all for your information as I required.

We use version 4 and have the database hosted with Azure. This means I can also run reports and do maintenance and programming tasks from home.

We have two fail over options in the restaurant in the event the internet stops working, there is a 4G wifi point that the staff can turn on if the main fibre internet connection goes down (and windows 10 will just connect to that). Plus ordering tablets we have (windows 10 based) all have their own 3G connection, so they automatically switch to that if the internet connection becomes inoperative.