How can i use Sampa Pos4 from Tablet or Ipad?

I want to use SampaPOS4 Not like Remote Control Pc but
i want to use the program from the Table. I check RCP i can’t use because is not working like
touch screen is working like Teamviewer and this is not easy.
Can i use it ?

SambaPOS runs only on Windows 7 or higher.

If i have tablet with windows or mobile windows
can i use it ?
i have to reinstall the program from the beginning?
Also can i print ? can i See from the Pc monitor the order from ipad to Screen monitor?
Or is a different app. with new printer ect. ect.???

The Tablet must be running Windows 7, 8/8.1, or 10. A “mobile” version such as Win 8 RT will not work.

You must install SambaPOS on the Tablet, yes, if you are not using RDP or other remote software. However, it can be configured to communicate with your “Server” computer to share the setup and database on the server.

Yes you can print from a Tablet to a shared or networked printer.


There is no SambaPOS “app”. It is a Windows program.

Thanks alot i will try it !