How Can Samba be used for Hotel Room Booking

i would like to setup a system for room booking in a hotel.

----- walk in customer ; book room for next few days
---- advance room booking could be days/ weeks/ month in advance.

will samba be able to support such functionality?

It could work for room bills with pre-order tickets allowing work period end but don’t think you’ll get the type of booking system used in hotels that’s more like a calendar.

There are posts about table reservations which might be of help but have not seen anyone with a working example of a calendar type reservation/booking system.

If anyone does would be very interested in how they achieved it.

There has been talk about being able to use google calendar Api in v5 so something more suitable may be more possible when that’s released.

ya that’s what i was wondering whether it is possible to achieve or not

Don’t think it would be possible, at least effectively in v4 the ability to use google calendars in v5 may open opertubities.

I was also thinking v5 might be able to support let see what the expert suggest

Can do this now with States and State Logging.

Could probably do this with v4 but it would be very extensive setup.

V5 should support all of this with the new API and powerful scripting. However do not expect a tutorial on it. It will not be a simple setup and will require some extensive knowledge of various scripting API’s and advanced SambaPOS knowledge. The reason you may not get a tutorial is the simple fact that right now the majority of us are not interested in Hotel setups and given the fact of how complicated the setup might be it could be hard to drag an expert into it.

However we would be more than happy to help you along the way if you decide to attempt this yourself. V5 is due out very soon.

so can v4 support this feature…can briefly guide howw so tht if i try i start from right track

I would study states until you know them really well. You should get to point where your comfortable with most of SambaPOS features before you start it. Maybe practice some advanced tutorials.

ya i was also thinking i will hv to work on states…study the existing system and the proposed system

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