How do I change the theme


I do not have any business. but I’m curious about a lot of these issues. I installed the new automation.
I share the sample video below for you.
ready as this theme is available? or how can I do that?
My theme is not the case.


Sambapos sistemini yeni kurdum ve 2 gündür üzerinde kafa patlatıyor, inceliyor ve birşeyler yapmaya çalışıyorum.
Ama benim kullandığım otomasyon ne örnek videolardaki gibi ne temaya sahip ne de o renklere.
Videolardaki gibi nasıl yapabilirim?

You will need to spend more time studying the system to learn how to customize it. Everything required to customize the looks to match that video is available in the forum if you utilize the search function in upper right corner by your profile picture.

To enable dark color theme go to Manage > Settings > Configuration Tasks and execute the Switch Theme task.


I tried but it did not. I restart the program. Fix this time.
thank you