How do I go about changing what prints per department?

Ok so the issue I’m facing right now is that I have 2 departments , restaurant and take-away ,I managed to make the take-away department work how I want it to ,problem is my local receipt and kitchen receipts all print the word ‘Table’ where usually if its dine in it will have the table number help would be much appreciated

You have to do a few things to get it to work.
For takeaway department, create:

  • ticket type takeaway.
  • in department assign ticket type to take away
  • entity screen section, you can (if you want and i recommend) clone customer search and customer tickets screens and assign ticket type to take away for each.
  • in your printing template insert {DEPARTMENT} .
    Then test it.

This way it will even show both department sales and in ticket viewer you can see which ticket was takeaway and dine in

I printer template you can use {:CURRENTDEPARTMENT} like

<C00>[='{:CURRENTDEPARTMENT}' == 'DineIn' ? 'Table ' : '']

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