How do I License/Activate v5 without internet connection?

Hi, do I need an internet connection in order to license v5? Mi new customer does not have internet in his restaurant and I will upgrade from v4 to v5 in order to use the new order tag suffixes. They have 3 terminals in the same venue, how can I do to license them?

You need a connection once just to sign in and activate, if they have no internet you could maybe look to use a phone or 3g link. Only takes 30 secs to login install and activate the v5 licence.

ok, i’ll try to share my internet connection from my phone to the network. How do I make the payment? In the copy I have in my laptop the login screen pops up, but then I do not see any change:

after pressing OK, it return to the same screen, the blue login link blinks twice and returns to the same screen.

Have you bought the v5 licence at

No, that should be the answer for my question.

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Another question…Once I buy it, do I license all the 3 terminals and my laptop from the same internet connection or that does not matter? Is it tied to the use account I have to create at do I have to create separate users for each terminal or how does it work?

Licence is for the database, if all 3 terminals are using same database its just one licence.
I might be wrong but think best practice is to login and install and activate on machine with db, cant remember but think you then just install and activate on client machines but been a while since I last had to do it.
But its one licence per location/db, so long as they are all on one database the number of terminals doesn’t matter.

If I license the database I’m working on my laptop for developing/configure and the just restore it at the client db server, will it be licensed?

IF you have a licence on your dev machine you would need to login on sambamarket, clear licences before activating on the live system.
Back/Restore doesn’t transfer licence.

Excellent, so I can test the activation process, pay it in advance and then clear the licence and transfer to the live system.

Thanks so much. I love this system, $100 compared to the cost of others and the flexibility it has is worth the price, also compared with the other free systems, there is no comparison this one is years ahead.

Congrats to the developers.