How do I prepopulate the customer search results windows with all customers

I initially thought the system wasn’t saving customers I’d entered but I realised it was just because I needed to start entering a search string for the results to start populating. Is there any way of having all customers listed in the search results when you open the Customer Search screen?

I’ve seen this question asked in the forum here - Customer Search, display all customers in search box but it was a few years back so was wondering if it had been added?

Should have added, I’m using the standard config file for SambaPOS 5.1.62

No the search will not show all customers. You can use entity grid but if you have a ton of customers that may not be realistic.


But then scrolling through a full list on the search screen is even less realistic, hence why its search screen :wink:

Perhaps if you explained why you think displaying full list would be better we can better advise you @ChrisOxon

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Purely because it feels like expected behaviour. If you’ve got a store with only 20-30 delivery customers it feels really odd to not have them listed when you open the page.

Also I’ve noticed if customers have an open ticket, they don’t appear in the search. Is that intentional?

If you only have 20 customers as kendash said you can change to an entity grid rather than search which is purposefully made for large lists.

As for open tickets, never noticed that but posibly, but may be the state filter for the entity screen.
The default should have search (to select incoming customers) and customer entity screen with grid for customers with open tickets…

They do. I just tested, they appear on search and once you select them they should link you to the same open ticket.

Mine dont… A customer with open ticket shows same as any other,.
What do you have set for state filter? Mine is blank (no filter/show all)

Mine is same as yours. Blank… wait, is your setup doing something different?


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Both of you have confirmed the same thing.

JTRTech shows that it works properly.

It should not matter of the Customer has an Open Ticket or not. The Customer will show up in Search, unless you have a State Filter set.


There is NO POINT in populating a Search Screen with all Entities. It is not designed to show all Entities; it is designed to show search Results, and that is why you must start a Search by typing something, even just a space or number is usually enough to begin the Search.

If you had 3000 Entities, and you listed them all by default in Search, it would take a long time to populate and you would think the program is frozen.

Anything less than about 50 Entities can easily use a Grid instead; that is what a Grid is for (Automatic View Mode), or a Custom Screen with an Entity Grid Widget. An Entity Grid Widget can be made to look like a list depending on column and row configuration.


BTW, speaking about trying to improve the usability of the customer search and such using the “lister”( I believe that is what it is called), adding shortcuts keystrokes seems more useful.
e.g. when I try to enter a ticket no. as the criteria, my hands are already on the keyboard, it seems faster to go back with the mouse to click the refresh and such.