How do i remove

Hey EveryOne I have 2 question to ask u guys
above the photo
question - 1
I want to remove That area From Order Entity screen

Question - 2
I want to add more sub-category under Gong Cha Milk
Owner want to add like this
Coffee is Series and Gong Cha milk Coffee is Category it have 2 type of menu Like
Gong cha milke Tea or something like that. They don’t want to put that thing in Order Tag.This one i don’t know how to do it. please help me please

Look at the options in edit menu categories, you can not show number pad.
And for other part sounds like you want to group menu items which is in the edit all category products table of the menu settings.

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Numberpad Settings …

Manage > Products > Menu List > [Menu] > Edit All Categories

Sub-Categories are called Sub Menu Tags …

Manage > Products > Menu List > [Menu] > [Category] > Edit Product Properties