How Do I use Date Ticket Tagging Type?


I am trying to create a ticket tag called “Pick up Date” for the pre-orders. When I choose the tagging type to be “date” I don’t even see the button in the order screen along with the notes button and the other tags buttons. When I choose “Alphanumeric” I cannot use dashes nor slashes.

How do I allow date entering?


I can confirm a button does not exist in the order screen to pick a date. This is on both mode. The only time I actually saw the Date Ticket Tag is when I had the select entity as default and I selected “Ask before creating Ticket”.
So when I selected a table a popup for ticket tags would come up.
And since I also put “Selection Required” I noticed this

This is the ticket tag options

And this is the only way I made it to work. However the tag cannot be changed because there is no button which allows us to define it again.
So either I am also missing something or this was either a missing feature or deliberately designed this way.

Also to set date in date mode, you just put a space between each part. for example 10 jan 2017 = 10 01 2017 and it auto puts slashes for you

Or this Ask Question Touch Input Fun :)

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