How does "Find Ticket" work in an account view?

I am adding transaction documents for each item of commission I am going to pay to my staff (storing the details of what I owe them in their customer account). The transaction document names are already pretty helpful, but it would be nice to use the “Find Ticket” button to jump straight to the ticket that was the basis of the transaction document. I have included the ticket number in each of the document descriptions, so is there any way to link these numbers to the Find Ticket button?

I have seen tutorials on adding Automation Command Buttons to the accounts screens, but I seem to be able to get the Account passed through as a CommandValue - But I would need the Description passed through if I was to have any hope of building by own button for this…

Umm “Find Ticket” default button only works on Tickets and not documents created from memory. What you are trying to do would require a JScript to strip the Ticket Number from the Description and pass that to an Action that brings up a Ticket (not sure what it is called).

The Action to bring up a Ticket would just be called from Automation Button.

The trick where you should start is how can you determine the Description as once you have this you can then see how you can strip the #Ticket ID from the description.

My 2 cents.

Yep, that’s what I thought. The Find Ticket button seems to be har coded to a particular transaction type.

The only thing I seem to be able to pass to an Automation Command Executed rule as a CommandValue seems to be the account name, but it would be great if the description could be sent instead. (Even butter if I could use the existing Find Ticket button in some way.

Yes how to trap description?

You can always write a report to PIPE data into a Script and that will give you a piece of data with description. With {REPORTS} and {CALL} a simple RULE could return your ticket Number.

Another method would use SQL.

I have found Default behaviours are “as is” and Emre reluctant to change.

Yes, I was considering showing all of these transactions in a report in #Table mode, but I’d rather stick to the core functionality if possible, rather than having to pretty muvh duplicate the core accounts screen. But maybe I won’t have a choice :frowning:

Account Screens always send the Account Id as the Command Value with Automation Commands. This is unlikely to change.

Find Ticket works with Transactions that are part of a Ticket. A Ticket is actually a Transaction Document that contains Transactions. So in that case, the Find Ticket button is referencing the Ticket Document.

You will need to run a Report, make it in #Table mode and pull out the Column that you need using the Setting mappings field. This is exactly how the Account Statement Report works. The Account Statement Report actually has the Ticket Id in it’s own separate column, but you could parse it out of your Description field if you want. BTW, the Ticket Number is not going to do you any good; you need the Ticket Id…