How make take way system

how make take way sestem?

Here is one possible way.

There are tons of ways to set this up maybe if you explain more about what you want we can offer more suggestions or reference posts. There is no single Take Away system, SambaPOS lets you configure it how you want it for your business.

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no this i need tab acses to menu as takway or to go exp tabels

Ok well there are several ways to make that system as well. I cant offer you the exact system your looking for because you have not told us what you want.

You asked for a take away system, I showed you a sample, you said no because you need tab access to menu. I could show you some posts about how to setup departments but that may not satisfy you.

I advise you to look up the various tutorials and study them so you can decide how you want to design your system.

Departments is how you get the separate tabs with menu’s.

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