How not show certain product in kitchen entity screen

Can something like if statement use in kitchen entity ? Well i would like to show on my kitchen screen all those orders that are send to kitchen and not to bar.

it should be something like this in widget:

if (Group Code == (Beverages OR Juices))
then "Dont Show Order’
Show Order

The Ticket Lister Widget has support for filters and expressions.

@QMcKay thanks for the link but i have try this expression and its not working for me

‘GROUP CODE’ != ‘Beverages’

oops my mistake i put the expression under filter it should be under order filter

inaddition to this i need to know how can we add an OR expression in ORDER FILTER

i dont want to display drinks in kitchen screen and i have 3 groupcode. (beverages,fresh juices,misc)

this will answer ur answer

@superlik i went through the article…i already have defined the group code for each category but i need to know how to use it in the order filter field.

this probably will solve ur question

new feature enable a remover of whole group from display ticket/ticket lister

code is as follow

[ORDERS:PRODUCT TAG:Kitchen Group=Drink,Dessert]

so it avoid showing Main etc if that’s in ur kitchen group, just follow the instruction and all will be cool