How not to print certain product in template

i dont want to print a certain product. which tag can be used for that???

Hi @madiha, also in this case your question is vage. were not to print? Ticket, Kitchen Display? etc. Is this a 0$ item? , Gift or ?

i have a product takeaway but i dont want to print this in kitchen

You have only Kitchen printer, no display?

i am using kitchen printer only not kitchen screen

oke give me 15 minutes to check for your solution

Hi @madiha, This would be one solution.

The products you sell over the counter (not to Kitchen printer) create a separate Product Group, or select only the Product you like to print to the “Print Job Name”

Maybe there is an easier solution, but this is what I can figure out quickly.

oh ya so simple why i missed this…i guest mind is out feeling sleepy some more fasting
@Peter_Cijsouw thanku

@madiha Your Welcome