How to add buy 1 get 2, promotion?

Hi all,

I want to set up a promotion from Mon-Fri on one of my items: Shrimp Tacos, and I want to give 2 for the price of 1 (2x1) promotion, I´ve tried with Actions and Rules but no luck :frowning:

Any suggestions?


you can check following:

You could setup an order added rule so when you add shrimp tacos it will add another free

Create an add order action and input shrimp tacos as the order to be added and set the price to zero. Put that action in an order added rule and add constraints for the days you want it to work and for shrimp tacos so it will only fire if that item is added

You could customise it further with an ask question to, so when shrimp tacos is added it asks the cashier if the customer wants another free, you then press yes to add the free one or cancel to not add the free one (some people may not want another taco even if its free so it saves manually removing the item after its already been added)

another option is to look at the gift rule, and use those action combined with adding your taco to automatically gift another taco when one is added. Benefit of this is that it will show as GIFT on the ticket and receipt

One issue I had when thinking about something similar was this works for adding it, however there is a potential for staff fraud in that you can add the shrimp, one more gets added for free. Then cancel (delete) the original paid for shrimp, leaving the free one on the order. In the case I was trying, it was for many items that were buy 1 get 1 free during happy hour, and I couldn’t find an easy way to handle the case of when a paid one is deleted to remove the free one. Any suggestions?

Could you not make it automatically change qty to 2 and change price to be 1x?
That way is its canceled you are canceling both and still retain the item sales qty etc.