How to Add Cancel Or Back button on Numeric Keypad

i know in the topic Ticket Tags - Tendered, Change, Payment Type, CCinfo you give the string for the numeric keypad without a “cancel” button… how do i add the “cancel” button for the keypad?
I know ON stands for OK button and Numeric keypad… but how do i add a Cancel or Back button? sometimes the waitron accidentally selects the Credit Card Payment, when it should have been a Cash Payment.

Add the letter C for cancel so ONC for OK, Numeric and Cancel

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okey… so the Cancel button is showing…but gives not action… i can click on Cancel and nothing happens…

When you press cancel all that should happen is that the keypad is removed from the screen, thats all its designed to do. If youre wanting something else to cancel you need to build automation for that

thats exactly what i want it to do… but nothing happens… it still shows the numeric keypad asking for the 4 digits of the credit card.

Show screenshots of the setup so we can check that, im not at my laptop to test if it still works on mine

What version of samba are you using?

I’m using SambaPOS 4.1.82 [DB:78-78] SQ

Show ALL of your Payment Processed Rules with Actions expanded.

You will need to go about this in a slightly different way, so that the Automation Rules are interrupted (the flow is stopped) when you click Cancel, because right now, separate Rules are firing regardless of the Cancel button.

this is the only place that this is used… i used Your tutorial: Ticket Tags - Tendered, Change, Payment Type, CCinfo @QMcKay

I realize that. But that Tutorial does not contain a prompt for Batch Nr. So I want to see all your Rules for Payment Processed.

Like I said, you will need to set it up differently so it interrupts the flow of Actions in the Rules. Clicking Cancel in 1 Prompt is not going to stop another Rule from displaying it’s prompt.