How to Add Modifiers to already submitted ORDER

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Waiter took an order for Chicken Pizza - It has Onions, Garlic, Olives and more.
Waiter closed the order, and now its submitted.
But customer now asks to remove olives.

How can i add modifier to aready submitted order ?

You could void that order and then re-add it with the changes and submit again

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Or send a ticket note telling to take olives off that order.

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We recommend void+resubmit to let kitchen understand that modification.

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I had this same question from a few clients before. The void+resubmit is troublesome when you have a lot of order tags on that order and only want to remove one order tag. If the item were a custom pizza or complex set meal, you could easily have 5+ order tags and this then opens it up for human error.

An idea I had before was to be able to copy an order including order tags. There is a feature already for cloning tickets but it only works for the entire ticket and not just a single order. Is there any way to clone just one order onto the same ticket? If there was, then it would make this sort of scenario very easy - you just clone the submitted order, make changes to the new order, void the submitted order then close - kitchen gets old one voided and new one at same time, and less room for human error.

This idea was also discussed previously ( How to Re-Order the same item(s) previously ordered in the same ticket?) but there wasn’t any outcome as how to accomplish it. I think the ability to have a Clone Order action might be quite useful in this type of situation.

Yeh I was looking for the same thing. I agree with the above that sometime when you have big burger meals and someone just wants to remove tomato, you have to void and re-add it all.

I understand the logic of voiding it and re-submitted it so the kitchen knows, but surely you can allow order tags to be changed and when they are it prints a new receipt out? Just a thought to add to the conversation

(My burger menu is pretty big with order tags:
Meal/No Meal
Choice of sides
choice of premium sides
choice of drink
all toppings as well such as lettuce/tomato.
choice of dip

Just a bit of a niggle when a customer wants to say just change a dip/topping/drink

Actually I did try editing a submitted order’s order tags before, it is possible if you unlock the order first, however this is not recommended as can cause you a lot of problems - once an order is submitted it should not be changed without a void.

I did create a solution that did allow me to unlock the order, then tag the order as changed and then had additional printer template to print those changed ones to the kitchen with additional notes. However in the end, I never used that for a client and gave up on the idea in favour of “it could cause more problems than it solves”, and when I mentioned about those problems with existing clients, they also didn’t like the idea as well.

So I think the whole idea of being able to clone an order with order tags then make changes to new one and void old one works best in the correct workflow, if it were possible ;).

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