How to add service charges

Hi All

I would like to add service charges $0.50 if payment is made through credit card and the order amount is less than $20. otherwise there is no service charges

can anyone explain how to to do that

Create an service calculation type

Don’t map it.

Create an action to update service calculation.

Create a payment processed rule to fire the action only if the amount is lass than 20.

here is the export XML file for databae tools
service lass (873 Bytes)


it work great. thank you very much

I have one question if the total amount is $11.50 (excluding $0.50 service charges) and the tender amount $12.00. it is showing “change due” $0.50. I want ticket should be close if someone is paying $0.50 extra on credit card

Please follow the ticket total section for more detail

Well… leave it i will upload shortly a screen shot of how to do it with payment processors if you need so.
No problem to do it but you want it to add the service only if amount is under 20 so you will need to make a payment type for credit card under 20 and another one for mor than 20.
Than use payment processor to add service on the under 20 payment type.

I will wait for your post.