How to add services charge?

I don’t understand… are you sure that you are using this Ticket Templates?

In the PRINT BILL I have seen:

In the Ticket Template that you have post…


With this template I will print:


In addition try to remove the space after EB before DISCOUNTS



@panda1269 I’ve edited your post for better formatting. You can use </> button on the editor for that.

Yes I’ve noticed there is an issue on ordering calculation templates while printing. That fixed.

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@panda1269 yes i am sure…that template is edited using indonesian langaunge tanggal = Date, and waktu = Time…but the formatting is same…

its work great but how can the service charge round off to no decimal place??
like 50 cent and up auto into the next dollar??
thanks so much

sorry, what i mean is for example sales total is $258 then the auto 10% add service charge will be add $25.8 to the total. Which I dont want the 80 cents there, i either want add $26 or $25 to the total, so I dont needed the cents.

The next version will round your service charge as Emre has shown in the tutorial.

Emre, I followed your tutorial on adding service charge. I got this error when I tried to print the bill. Would you give me some advice. thanks

Part of yout ticket template is too long to print i think or theres an invalid character. Youll need to check your template settings

If you post your template here someone might be able to point out the problem

this is my printer template.


-- General layout

<BMP>        c:\logo1.bmp

<L00>Thanh Phuoc Nguyen         |RFC:NUTH710821AJ3

<L00>Av. Universidad Ote. #121 - c.p. 76165 

<L00>Santiago de Queretaro, Queretaro

<L00>Tel: (442) 455-8382





<J00>Fecha: {TICKET DATE}|Hora:{TIME}|      Nota:|{TICKET NO}






[<J00>|Sub-Total:    |$ {PLAIN TOTAL}] 



[<J00>|Regalo:    |$ {ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}]


<J01>|Total:   |$ {TICKET TOTAL}



[<J01>|Cambio:   |$ {CHANGE TOTAL}]




<C00>A partir de abril incluiremos 10% de servicio

<C00>en su cuenta para grupos de 6 o mas.












<C00>--- {GROUP KEY} ---

[ORDERS GROUP:Promociones]

<C00>--- {GROUP KEY} ---


-- Default format for orders




-- Format for gifted orders




-- Nothing will print for void lines


-- Format for order tags



-- Leave empty to disable sabores on ticket


-- Table entity format

<J00>Mesa: {ENTITY NAME} / Clientes: {TICKET TAG:Guest Count} | Meser@: {USER NAME}


-- Customer entity format


<J00>Cliente: {ENTITY NAME}

<J00>Tel: {ENTITY DATA:Tel}

<J00>Direccion: {ENTITY DATA:Direccion}




-- SambaCard Customer entity format



<J00>CLUB: {ENTITY DATA:Customer Name} tienes $[=FF('{ENTITY BALANCE}','#,#0.00;#,#0.00')] en tu cuenta!


<J00>`indent preformatted text by 4 spaces`

Don’t use pipe char just after <J> tag. That will generate error if line exceeds max chars setting. (Will work fine with V5)

Based on what @emre just said you also have the pipe after here too, that could also be the issue?

[<J01>|Cambio:   |$ {CHANGE TOTAL}]

In fact you have it in a few places, might be an idea to check them all just in case :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, you’re the best… so far it hasn’t failed to print since i’ve made the changes.

How can I use this but instead I would like to ad 15% service when order is over $60 but not lower then $59? Thank you.

Add a constraint to your rule

{TICKET TOTAL} greater than 59

Thanks RickH for the reply.
I’m lost. I did not create a rule for this service charge. How would I create the rule. I tried but failed. Thanks you.

Read the start of this post where @emre explains how to setup the service accounts, then instead if setting up a calculation selector you create the update ticket calculation ACTION instead adding the calculation you created into that action

Be sure to change the %amount to the amount you want, in the example @emre uses 5%

Then create a ticket total changed rule, add a custom constraint of {TICKET TOTAL} greater than 59, then add the calculation action you created above

Now everytime an order is added or removed from the ticket (which changes the ticket total) the service calculation will be added to the ticket and updated each time this happens. But it will only add to the ticket when ticket total is greater than 59 from the constraint we added

Im not at pc so cant give screenshots but have a read of the top of this post to setup the account side then try for the rules and actions

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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