How to add time rule on product?

You can not use Matches all because it can not be both after 5:30 and before 3:00 at the same time that is impossible.

You would need two rules one for after 5:30 and one for Before 3:00 and matches all for the time and item name.

if Matches used for

> Time Before 3:00
> Time After 5:30
> Menu item name Equals Soda

That will mean…

(Time Before 3:00 OR Time After 5:30) AND Menu Item Equals Soda.

Matches operator groups constraints by left side. Groups compared inside with OR and against other groups with AND. So Two Time left side values compared with or and Menu Item Name compared with and

… but I think this is a formatting issue. We can try HHmm formatting and use numeric comparison instead.

HHmm converts…

3.30 PM to 1530

(1530 < 1500 OR 1530 > 1730) AND MenuItem is Soda. That won’t cancel

7.00 PM to 1900

(1900 < 1500 OR 1900 > 1730) AND MenuItem is Soda. That will cancel.

what @Jesse posted is true that is where i was wrong and @emre thankyou for the detail concept.

so i have to use matches