How to add tips to ticket

Enable Tax Included setting for Tip Calculation and add [SERVICES] section inside your template.

For example

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@ Emre Your the BEST !!!


@emre Thank you for your tutorial, I’ve implemented it and it’s working well.
I would like to track tips buy user, how can I do it?

I’m thinking about using a product as tips with a tips group code, but do you have a better solution?


Was this question addressed? I am not familiar with creating User Based reports.

I am trying to get the tips to reflect for this user report. Any thoughts on what I need to correct?
I have tips setup as per the tutorials, as a servicing charge transaction under Calculation Type.

Any help would be appreciated.

It should be formatted as :


You can find more info here.

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Hi Emre,

I tried adding the line you suggested, but the Tip total didnt appear.

Is there a way to show the Tip amount per transaction AND the Tip Total?

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That assumes your calculation type named as TIP. If it is something else you should change CT=TIP part. (CT stands for Calculation Type). Also names are case sensitive so if template named as Tip, referencing it as TIP won’t work.


Beautiful! That was it, I needed to change TIP to Tip. Doh! Now I need to figure out a way to pull Tip per transaction as well. Well start playing with the report. Thanks Emre!


This can be done in percent? Let’s say 10% ?


Yes it can but can you explain more of what you need?

PS your answer is also in this same post where someone already asked the same question.

I have something created…

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When it calculated by rate we generally call that Servicing Amount. Tip generally determined by customer and it is a fixed amount so I’ve demonstrated that. Of course you can implement same thing by using rates.

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can be used for TIPS: