How to add two menus in one software of Samba POS V4?

im having a restaurant and im using Samba pos v4. its really good. now in my restaurant i started NON-AC Dining & AC Dining. so please help me with that so i can sperate two different menus and prices.

Not sure what you mean with NonAC and AC but in v4 I believe there isnt a change menu action so think needs to be done through departments but might be wrong on that one.

Is it actually a different menu? If not and just price difference you can just use price lists and use same menu with two price lists - if that the case look at the happy hour tutorials, there are a couple of methods.
I prefer order added method with constraint on something like ticket tag or entity.

its just a different prices list but the menus remains same.

Just use price lists and add a tag to constrain and report against.

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can you please share me the screenshots so i can understand properly because im new to this

Its not a setup I have to show screenshots.

Have a look on the forum for the happy hour tutorials, replicate on a separate install to learn how it works and then use what you learnt to implement your own setup.

If menus are the same I would defiantly say just use price list.

It’s what JTR said but simpler - just create Price Definitions for each type of price (i.e. AC / NonAC) then create Departments for each type (i.e. AC / NonAC). On each department, specify the Price Tag (Price Definition) to use for that department.

You will use the same menu on both departments, but depending on which department you use the respective prices will be used.

You would probably just create one Price Definition - so you keep your default prices for AC and the Price Definition would be for NonAC.

Read this post from the following topic you will see screenshots for setting up (just this post, not the full topic or the parts mentioned before this post):