How to assign KOT?


im using v4 , im succesfully print receipt, but could not able to print to KOT,
any tutorial for this?
we using only 1 thermal 58mm printer.



Kitchen printer is setup by default, you just install printer in Windows then select that printer in samba for the kitchen printer… In same way you would have for receipt printer…


How could create KOT Button on ticket screen…Thanks


Button to do what? Kit hen prints by default are sutomatic…


How to use V4 database in V3?


That doesn’t answer the question? What you want button to do? Print to kitchen? That’s usually automatic on ticket close and configured on default/sample database?
Can’t help you of you don’t explain what you want.
And hope that’s not a request for ‘complete tutorial of KOT’


Exactly…Print to Kitchen.The printer nd template are there but i need to create KOT button on ticket screen.Hope you understand my question.


@fasalcn the question is what does this KOT button do. As far as printing KOT’s in the kitchen is concerned that is automatically done in Sambapos. Your question might make sense to you but the people on the forum cant read your mind. Please share detailed info of what exactly are you trying to achieve out of this KOT button.


So either you haven’t set the printer name for kitchen printer in settings or you have edited the default rules or actions or possibly state flow messing with the default print flow.
By default all you need to do is tell samba the printer name for the kitchen printer settings in printers and then any new order when ticket closed is printed to kitchen.


Please start a new thread and be detailed with your question. I am closing this topic to prevent confusion.