How to avoid printing specific products on Kitchen Receipt

How can I avoid printing some specific products on Kitchen Receipt. I have already assigned a ‘Product Tags’ to all such products, but I am having difficulty figuring out how to filter those products out when Kitchen receipt is printed.

Please note that these are drinks, but not all drinks need to be filtered out, otherwise I would have tried to use mappings.

Thank you sir, I appreciate the prompt response.

I updated my kitchen ticket template Orders section as below. I also assigned FORKITCHEN product tag to the products, but it did not work for me. What am I doing wrong?

Since I have a few products that should not be sent to kitchen, so I wanted to do something like [ORDERS:PRODUCT TAG:!NOTFORKITCHEN], assuming that ! will negate the expression, but that did not fly either. Not sure if ! is a correction negation operator?


I was thinking Whay dont you create a product group calld not to kitchen for the products thet you dont want to print to the kitchen printer, then don’t assign this product group to kitchen printer on printer job?

Sure I can do that, but any idea why product tag won’t filter in this case.

No. But I’ll check that to see if it works fo me

Sorry this is not a valid syntax.

Hi Emre. Could you please guide me to the right syntax?

Hi Emre,

Was also looking into this. Previously i have used following and was able to print specific product group on the Kitchen Printer.


Now after testing [New 4.1.71] Print Group Ordering with Custom Product Tags features it does not work.

I don’t understand what you mean here. You want to group orders and print only a specific group? If so why you need grouping orders?

You should use PRODUCT TAG switch if you need to use custom product tags. I’m not sure if I’ve implemented filtering by PRODUCT GROUP or not.

where you able to resolve this issue? If yes how?