How to check the sales hisory of products


I am looking for a way to search the sales history of specific product from tickets list.
i need to know on what ticket (this product) was sold

the propose is to investigate the discrepancy of product inventory with the actual inventory.

Example case:
i define to type of cake
1- velvet cake 12 pieces
2- chocolate cake 12 pieces

after i sold all cake the record shows
1- velvet cake -2 pieces
2- chocolate cake 2 pieces

that for sure meas that the cashier mistakenly punched the velvet cake instead of chocolate cake at leas twice

I want to knew this mistake happened on which ticket to correct it

this feature will benefit on more that …

It’s just a report on order details. Check reports tutorial on forum.

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Can you please share a link

Quick search - not hard to find :stuck_out_tongue:

I scan over the tutorial.
It seems that it focus on the users sales, customers repot and total income; which are not my concern here.

my issue is with specific item sale history

i want to knew (this product; ex; Pepsi) when it was sold during the work period or during the last week

Reports are customisable and can build them as needed, those are just sample/tutorial ones.
If you don’t want to learn then don’t ask how - ask someone to do for you in adds section.
You just report orders.
Use report order details tag, choose your fields like ticket I’d and time then use constraints in example case order item is Pepsi. Probably want to add ODI=True to not show voids etc

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Thanks for the hint

I guess it can be done now, but it is not easy task :persevere:

I prefer to learn things my self, however it will take me time to reach this lesson on customized reporting.

I would like to mention this

SambaPOS5 is by far the greatest POS app, I have been using it for my coffee shop for more than one year
I learned about inventory control, recipe with order tags, refund action/roles and printing template, and bunch of other tutorials

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of SambaPOS active members; specially #emre, #QMcKay , #kendash and you @JTRTech of course :grin:

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Regarding that case you can use Ticket Explorer screen for searching tickets that contains specific products.

Here you can see an example.


That is really helpful, it is exactly what I need :grinning:

@emre thank you very much