How to configure different price for same item


I have a Customer in his business location he has two different section (CLUB and GRILL).

When Grill Closes, Club starts.

Now the issues is this: A can of Coke in Grill is sold for N500 and in Club 1000. The coke is from same warehouse/inventory but selling price different.

Question: How do I sell same item with different price?

Price Definitions… (Price Tags)
Think of it as a happy hour type setup.
Although there are many ways to utilize price definitions.
Can be defined by department which sounds logical given your situation or can be set on per order basis in automation which is common for happy hours.

Thank you for reply. Can you please share me a link. for me to be able to set it up step by step?

try this solution

It depends which route you take.
Happy hour search on forum returns many results including my own ‘super simple happy hour’ setup.