How to configure "I don't want to print for Avoid item"

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I setup kitchen printer and it print correctly for each order. But “I don’t want to print for Avoid item”.

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On the line where id definds the template for void orders which will look something like.

<J00> - {QUANTITY} {NAME} | **VOID**

Change it to;

-- Nothing will print for void lines

The line starting – means nothing - its just a comment, what thats doing is defining the template for orders with specific states - overriding the default [ORDERS] format.

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Sorry to reply late, I just comeback to get Internet connection.
Comment this line and it won’t print right. Okay let me test and i will let you know.



I beleive -- is comment code so you could maybe just put – in front of the <J00> - {QUANTITY} {NAME} | ** VOID **
You would need to keep the [ORDERS:Void] as this is pushing a format for the Void state.