How to connect Windows Tablet with my PC SambaPOS V5

can anyone give me complete Tutorials of connecting 1 or more tablets with my PC Samba POS V5.

Please give me A to Z tutorial on this topic.

Connecting a windows tablet would be exactly the same as connecting a second windows terminal/pc and is well documented on the forum - try a quick search.

You need to be running full SQL/SQL Express for multi terminal/tablet.

Configure SQL following the SQL install tutorial remembering to open firewall ports
Install samba on tablet
Change database connection string to point to the SQL on the ‘server’ machine.
Job done :slight_smile:

Need Tutorials for it if you can provide

I Used to follow this guide for v4 setup: Pretty sure most (if not all) of the steps are still relevant in V5. changes configures as needed. good luck !:grinning:

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You have been given a link now but this is a well documented question readily available on the forum.

Try a quick search next time :wink: