How to create a button close, do not print in kitchen

There is a ruel “standard ticket Closed”

I would like to know how to make exceptions to that rule

I’ll be very greatful

You will need to offer up more info for quality responce.

You have quoted standard ticket lose but that’s not a default rule name? Presume your referring to the ticket closing rule as talking about printing to kitchen.

You can build constraints in the actions constrain box and these can be quite complex.
Can offer suggestion but need to know what your trying to constrain against?


If we answer your question the answer is Yes you can constrain any rule.

Somehow I doubt that answer will be good enough. If that’s the case then please provide more information about what you want to do.


thanks for the answers tube well read and learn the actions and rules and functionality.

Thank you very much

Can you explain what your trying to do. We want to help you but we do not know what your doing.

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