How to create a combo set with multiple level modifier or item selection?

I want to add Combo set like fast food, can make it to select multiple item or multiple modifier?
Combo Set name Super Value Set 9.99
My combo set inside got Main Course, Drinks and dessert.
In the Combo Set i can order burger, sandwich (main course), Coke, juice(drinks), Ice cream, muffin (Dessert) etc. While in main course i can select beef, chicken or fish burger, for drinks i can select the size (S, M, L), dessert i can select ice flavour like vanilla, chocolate, mint.
How can create this combo set??

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Me and @emre came up with this solution recently. I think this will be perfect for you. Let us know if you need help or any other feature. I am still working on the tutorial but you should be able to install the DB tools file and just edit the few things I will list below.


Install the DB Tools file I included at the top of that tutorial. Then go to the Product Tags editor and set your tags for Main, Side, Drink, etc. There are a few things you need to modify for that to work for you. Namely to change how many items are in the combo. I have it set to 3 which is Main, Drink, Side… you can edit that to however many you want it to allow. I will show you how to do that just a sec.

In this action where you see 3 for X change that to allow more than 3 items or less than 3 items in your combos.


Modify this action to add the additional product tags like dessert,


Thats really about it… it just works really well.

One more thing You can define a price for each item to use. It will take whatever you put for Main item as combo price but will adjust that further if you add a price on other tags. IT will allow Portions and order tags to work if they have different price set. Please try this on a test database first… play around with it. Let me know what you think.

Thanks guys for the reply, later i will testing on test database and try on it. TQVM :slight_smile:

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Hi Kendash,
Where do i install the DB tool file? I downloaded the intelligent auto combo zip file. Its seem just a text file .Or where can i get the URL to update in online service?

It’s in settings you can import the file. Database tools