How to create a role that can can add/mo products but not rules/action and so forth?


1.What is the difference between “Permissions” and “Management Permissions”?
2.Under permitted Modules, what is an example of “category” and “command”?

There was a widget added that allowed you to add menu to an entity screen but only specific sections which that would allow this.

Permitted Modules allows for selectively giving access to certain areas of Management.

Category is the Management Section and Command is the sub-area.

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Thanks for the pointer.

For those who have similar needs like mine, you can follow my steps to create your own version:

Using the sample from the SambaPOS download
To grant access to ONLY editing of Product List without access to other management functions to a role say “Data Entry”

0.Log in as Admin
1.Create a Role in the Role Lists under Users say “Data Entry”
2.In Permissions, click to “Open Management” to enable the authority to access it
3.In Management Permissions, type in Products.Product List
Note there is no need to add the < > marks
5.Relogin using the pin that you have assigned the user who has Data Role
6.When this user presses the Manage in the main screen, I assumed is called the navigation screen, the data entry person can see only the Product and Product List on the left.


I have a request to add Access Denial in addition to Selective Granting Access in SambaPOS.

When I use other POS systems, I found that creating roles by removing certain Access from a default seems easier and more logical at times.

By not giving them access you are denying them those functions aren’t you?

Slightly different in the way how is checked off or on in the list.

eg. Once I grant one Catagory/Command, the rest of them have to be added one by one.
If I have 100 category/command combo, there will a lot of listing to add if I only want one category/command combo to be denied. That is in this scenario I will have to list 99 combos instead of just denied one.

eg. I just want to deny the “Automation” to manager role so that they managers cannot mess up the design by the developer.

It is a matter of user friendliness issue, IMO.

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I am at the stage of setting up a MGT role so that I can separate the role between managers and developer. However, when I grant access it to “User List”, the user seems to have the ability delete even the Administrator, is that true? I dare not try to hit the “Delete User”.