How To Create Multiple Locations

With the help of you all I was able to successfully implement our first Restaurant. I truly admire the quick responses by @emre and @JohnS who not only guided me but helped me throughout the implementation phase. The pilot project was a success and now the showroom is up and running on the SambaPOS.

I would like to inquire about another scenario. Now I want to implement the same at another Restaurant, I can take a back of the data and restore the data to the Newly implemented Restaurant and done.

But at the end of the day I want to synchronize the data from both the Tills/Registers and see them at the Head Office Server. All three locations have a 15-20 KMs distance across the area.

Does SambaPOS fulfill the above scenario? If yes then can I know the steps upon how to implement it. Your help would highly be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

Syed Waqas Ahmad

SambaPOS does not support a central office situation.
Due to the distance there is no way to run the remote sites directly off the main site, without a risk of loosing the POS at the remote sites if something happens to the connection.

You can get SambaPOS to create and email the reports at End of Workperiod to you. You can also setup RDP to login to the remote sites and look at the reports.

It would be best to treat them as individual sites.