How to delete transactions

How can i delete transactions

i have people training all the time and they make test transactions and i would like to delet them so they dont reflect on the reports.

how can i delete this transactions from inside samba pos or maybe from SQL to prevent them form altering the POS final report.

all help is appreciated and thank you in advance for your time in helping me with this.

i have samba POS with multiple workstations.

You cannot delete individual transactions. If you don’t settle the transactions, you can void them.

For training, on V4 you can use Database Tools module:

Go to Samba Market and install Database Tools module

(you can test it out in trial mode first, if it works for your needs you need to purchase the module from

Close SambaPOS then open again

Activate training mode

This will create a duplicate database and you can do as many transactions as you like. Everything will work as in normal mode (printing, etc.). Once you are finished training, you just Disable Training Mode either by the same step as to activate, or at the bottom of the screen click the Disable Training Mode button. As training mode uses a copy database, nothing has changed in your working copy.

You can also enable training mode on one terminal while you use other terminal(s) for running the business and it won’t affect operations.

If you use V5, Training Mode and Database Tools functionality is included. You can follow the same steps to enable / disable, just you don’t need to install the module first.

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