How to disable merging of Items in tickets

on printer template There is the possibility to Merge items.
i did not chose this Option but Still Items merging
how can i disable merging of Items in tickets


Printer template setting disables merging for printing.

Can you tell me in more detail what is wrong with merging items? Why you need to disable that?

Hi Emre,

Quick background. We operate a breakfast and lunch restaurant where business people eat lunch together and many time they request separate checks. Sometime they will let server know ahead of time, but often times it is after the order is placed.

Here is our example:

Order Entry:

  1. Coke
  2. Coke
  3. Burger
  4. Burger

After Order is sent to Kitchen:
2. Coke
2. Burgers

It needs to be split into two as follows:
Guest 1:

  1. Coke
  2. Burger

Guest 2:
1 Coke

  1. Burger

Since items are merged, I am no longer able to split based above requirement. I have to void entire check and start over again.

As always, thanks for your prompt responses.

Did you thought creating separate tickets at first? By clicking “add ticket” button you can add unlimited tickets to a table and merge them if they decide to pay whole at once. I think that will be easier to manage. You can tag tickets with guest numbers for kitchens attention and also you can ask guest number on ticket creation.

Also tagging orders will prevent order lines from merging. You can tag orders as “Guest 1”, “Guest 2” and you’ll be able to both keep them unmerged and track orders by guest number. You can also group kitchen output by guest order tag. That will be a little harder to manage but we have some small features for that. For example with “Move Tagged Orders” action you can move all orders with a specific tag to a new ticket at once. So splitting will be even easier. You can also create a toggling automation command button to cycle active guest number. That can be used to define active guest number. For example you can select guest 1, receive orders, than guest 2, receive orders and so on.

Let me know if one of them helps.

Thank you for the response
I use the software for pizzeria
For example when I try to print an item and under the tag Ordr I want to press olives half mushroom half
Half word merging and printing is not clear
Or if I tap one and then another pizza
So the word pizza merges
I want it to appear just as I clicked.
I hope you understand (sorry for my english)
Thank you.

Hi Emre,

We currently use “Add Ticket” feature if a table requests separate checks before order is placed. This works great.

It becomes an issue when servers are told that a table needs separate checks after order is placed.

We currently do not allow servers to VOID orders, they call a manager to VOID an order.

The drawbacks using the current workaround are as follows:

  1. Manager needs to VOID check
  2. A VOIDed check gets printed to kitchen (good for normal VOID, but adds unnecessary tickets when VOIDing because of a split check)
  3. A new order gets placed and kitchen cooks needs to be told not to cook those checks.
  4. Closing manager needs to verify VOIDed orders to ensure the are not done by a server knowing a manager’s PIN.

We opened last Friday and I had to split 3-4 checks during lunch and 4-5 check during dinner.

Ticket Tagging is an option if I can not disable merging, but to be honest I prefer to keep it simple.

I can easily add an option for disabling merging but I believe it will create more issues than it solve. If you want I can implement this for next update and we’ll see if it works fine or not. But at first I want to be sure about that. You’ll tag orders as guest 1, guest 2. Instead of tagging orders you can create separate tickets for each guest in advance even they don’t request split. I think that will work great for your case.

BTW did you tried Move command by selecting quantity with (+) (-) keys?

Why do you think I will create problems if we are not merging? Would it print in the kitchen as it is entered in order entry?

Merging does not create an issue for 99% of the orders, it is the 1% that creates a problem.

In our case, if we disable merging it will solve the 1% and make it 100% trouble-free.

In regards to Order Tag, I would use them as last case scenario. They adds many more clicks to order entry. Our Menu is very large.

What is the idea behind merging? I worked with 2 other POS systems and they did not merge products.

BTW did you tried Move command by selecting quantity with (+) (-) keys? <.–Not sure how this works.

Thanks in advance for all you work and assistance.

Hi Emre,

I tried (+)(-) and it works pretty well. I will use this method from now.

I believe, it would be helpful if there was an option in a future release to disable merging.

Best Regards,

OK. I’ll note that for next or other update.

suggestion: add option to choose to merge or not in ticket settings

as @mayase suggested Merge Ticket Lines setting added to Program settings. You can disable it to prevent order lines from merging.

If this is all about printing, you can use [ORDERS GROUP|ORDER TAG:x] in the printer template to separate orders by order tags.
Also you can change Printing Content in the Print Job to Individual Orders By Quantity to disable merging.

You actually have many grouping options


John as I understand some people coming from a software that does not merge orders and keep them as entered. I don’t understand the benefit behind that but I thought it might be useful in some cases.

@pizzaeilat4 's issue is something different. I think he prepared two sets of order tags to combine them to single order tag as “Half Baked, Full Baked”, etc. But when he uses four tags in a single order (two halves) these tags merges or changes order. This is not the intention of order tags so we’ll need additional feature here. If fact order tag grouping implemented for this case but I think order tag prefixing might be a nice addition for future versions. As I can remember we talked about a similar feature with @spanky before.

Yes, this has been discussed before and it makes sense.

The only solution I have found for the Half/Half Pizza problem, is to treat Half a pizza as a single item. So if someone wants a large half/half, you add 2 half items at the large portion size. Otherwise you are trying to mix 2 orders into the one.

I will add one more complexyti in this case, we do sell half/half pizza, but we charge the whole pizza according to the more expensive one, for example, half Mussarela and half calabresa would be charged as a whole calabresa since calabresa is more expensive than mussarela.


Not knowing your setup, my suggestion would be to add the additional price to the Order Tag Item for Mussarela. Therefore when Mussarela is selected the pizza price is increased.

i’ve been experience with split payment and i use this to solve it
when guest asking for split payment servers is told it to cashier…than what cashier must do is move item for each guest to same table

  1. at cashier sreen

after we click MOVE will appears like this than we click select table

and we chose at same table that we split

the result is like this…we just do the payment for each tickect from the same table

you dont need to void ticket and start over