How to divide three shop in a one machine one POS?

I have three different restaurant in one place. I use only one pc. I also installed Samba POS in this PC. Now I want to print three different bill with three different name using this one POS.How it possible? Please help me.

Use a different department for each restaurant. Create different templates and print jobs mapped to each department.


I did this, its very simple you just need to do the mapping correctly.

Once I had it all set up the owner decided he wanted it all on the same screen to ‘avoid confusion’ doh! So reverted back.

I did it on V5 but its just the same

Can you tell me that as step by step please? I am also using V4.

Please anybody can help me to solve this?

Hi @farhad1009,

Like you, we are all also running businesses. We are all willing to help but only when we are able to due to our own business commitments.

Give me a couple of hours and ill see if i can help you.


Thanks Matt for your willingness to co-operate.

I haven’t had chance today. We’ve had our busiest Saturday since August. I’ll provide screenshots as soon as I can.


If it is just for printing…

Create departments.

Create printer templates and customize them as you want.

Map these templates to departments for related Print Jobs.

You can switch between departments by using these buttons so mapped printer template for selected department will work while printing.

Great Emre!
Now my problem is that I couldn’t add ‘Department’ in to the print job. Please help again.
Here I give the screen shot.

Are you using the latest version? What version are you using?

I am using the version 4.

Looks like its a V5 option so youll need to upgrade to V5

Is it not possible in the free version (V4)? So I have to install paid version.

unless your product groups are for different departments, you could do it that way

For all the latest features and bug fixes you would need to upgrade to V5, V4 will no longer be updated

So some of things you want will be far easier to setup and compared to other pos systems a one time payment of $99 for samba is extremely good value for what you can do compared to others