How to do a Tax Round Up

How can I round Up the tax Calculation?
For example:

I have to calculate 2 different taxes (6.25 for State Tax and 2.25 for local tax). This is the example:

if a product price is 5.95, SambaPOS will do something like:

Price 5.95
Tax1 0.3718750000
Tax2 0.1338750000
Total Tax 0.5057500000 ==> will round to 0.51
Total 6.46

What I need is to roundup each tax and then do the sum:

Price 5.95
Tax1 0.3718750000 ==> Round to 0.38
Tax2 0.1338750000 ==> Round to 0.14
Total Tax 0.52 ==> equals to 0.38 + 0.14
Total 6.47

Is this possible?

I have configured Tax1 and Tax2 under products->Tax Templates and added 2 tax templates with mapping to all products.

Edit Tax Template and set 2 (decimals) for Rounding setting


I have already tried that, but it does not what I want to do:

If I round 0.371875 to 2 decimals it will do 0.37
If I round 0.133875 to 2 decimals it will do 0.13

If I round 0.135 to 2 decimals it will do 0.14

I want to round up to the next cent (0.01) so 0.371 will be 0.38

How can I round Up to the next cent?

Tax Rounding.pdf (246.3 KB)